Main theme: Drama nowadays

Analyze and critique different situations of the today’s world through current drama styles

We have different points of view about situations of themes from the world, and sometimes we want to do something to help, but we just don’t know what to do to influence it.

For this semester we will be focus on learn about all those Drama styles, that we don't know a lot about, but are important nowadays on the stage and the screen, and give us the chance to intervene real places with different situations that make us question. Through those current scenic manifestations, what we feel and our positions, will not be just inside us.

Criterion A: Investigating (25%)

i. investigate a movement or genre in Drama, related to the statement of inquiry

ii. critique a performance from the chosen movement or genre

Criterion B: Developing (25%)

i. practically explore ideas to inform development of a final performance

ii. present a clear artistic intention for the final performance in line with the statement of inquiry.

Criterion C: Creating/Performing (25%)

i. create or perform an artwork.

Criterion D: Evaluating (25%)

i. appraise their own artwork or performance

ii. reflect on their development as an artist.