First semester theme:
 Characters creation 
Second semester theme: Scenic representation


For the first semester we will create a virtual house, in which a group of beings will live together for a couple of days. Why are we talking about beings and not people? Because we will have everything, fairies, superheroes, aliens, cartoon characters, not just human beings. That is why, we are going to create those characters that will live in the house, each one with very different characteristics from the other, and we will base our work on what we like or dislike, different emotions for giving them life. Afterwards, we will see what is going to happen, and how will those characters feel after they live for some days with other strange characters.

For the second semester, we will be working about "Representation". Sometimes we do not know, but every dramatic text contains hundreds of worlds. For example, a single scene could have different emotions, actions, and it could be performed in different places, with different characters. Why? Because, it is every single reader how gives the own interpretation. Here, we will be exploring different ways to represent a scene, we will write them, and we will explore from different perspectives how a scene could be represented on stage, and preparing at the same time the final project of the grade.
Objectives: Participate in a creative process, identifying different possibilities of self-expression, and how can influence different contexts.  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of Drama in original or displaced contexts
  • Use acquired knowledge to inform their artwork.
  • Demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present Drama
  • Outline alternatives, perspectives, and imaginative solutions
  • Demonstrate the exploration of ideas through the developmental process to a point of realization.
  • Create an artistic response inspired by the world around them
  • Evaluate the artwork of self and others.

Assessment criteria 

Knowing and understanding 25%

Thinking creatively 25%

Developing skills 25%

Responding 25%

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