Hola Chicos, espero que estén muy bien, en esta segunda Unidad de Indagación trabajaremos desde el 21 de septiembre del 2020 hasta el 21 de noviembre del 2020, la idea es entender cómo funciona el mundo, para lo cual, miraremos como el entendimiento científico y social del mundo permite al ser humano adaptarse y transforma su entorno. En el área de español trabajaremos para fortalecer nuestra competencia comunicativa en sus habilidades de hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir; nuestra evaluación será durante todo el proceso a través de las actividades semanales y la producción final de la sumativa. Esperamos que como producto final podamos llevar a cabo un proyecto que impacte en nuestro entorno y podamos contribuir a la solución de un problema real. 

unidad de indagación II

Sharing the Planet

Our fourth Unit of Inquiry  is called "Sharing the Planet" . In this Unit we will conduct an inquiry into peace and conflict resolution. As an exploration of our rights and responsibilities as we try to share finite resources with other people, with other living things; of communities and of the relationships within and between them.

Date of Completion: 10/03/2021 - 28/ 04/2021

Central idea:

The search for answers from different perspectives can be the cause of technological, scientific and social development.

Key concepts:  Perspective, Causation, Connection.
Related concepts: Initiative, peace, justice.

Lines of inquiry:

  • Human rights and equality.
  • The use of logical sequences to solve problems.
  • Strategies used to resolve conflicts.



Acquisition of knowledge: Gaining specific facts, ideas, vocabulary; remembering in a similar form.

Comprehension: Grasping meaning from material learned; communicating and interpreting learning. 


Listening: Listening to directions; listening to others; listening to information.

Speaking: Speaking clearly; giving oral reports to small and large groups; expressing ideas clearly and logically; stating opinions. 


Formulating questions, observing, collecting data, recording data, organizing data, interpreting data, presenting research findings


Organization, time management, codes of behavior, safety and healthy lifestyles.

AGENCY: Students will be encouraged to show initiative and independence through group work, thinking routines and activities.



Students will focus on activities that use the key concepts, learner profile, and the IB attitudes requiring students to show their thinking and explain their solutions.


What was your favorite academic activity or event from this unit?

What do you think was the most important  things you learned in this unit?

Through these concepts and lines of inquiry, we will be working on the following contents:


-Cartesian Plane


- Human Rights
- Human Conflict
- Natural Resources